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St Edward Integrated School
To think well, to feel well, and to do well
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St Edward Integrated School
To think well, to feel well, and to do well
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St Edward Integrated School
To think well, to feel well, and to do well


The typical Filipino family often has their children’s education as the number one priority. Sadly, this is something that has become increasingly difficult to attain these past few years. Increasing prices and security concerns means that you need to be smart when it comes to your choice of school, and securing your child’s future.


Holistic Excellence

At St. Edward Integrated School, a private school in Cavite, we provide a rich and inspiring academic environment that will develop holistic excellence in children. Here, your child will develop a love for learning, a solid foundation for future achievements, and habits that foster positive self-awareness.

We also have competent teachers who genuinely care for the children, and who use a student-centered approach to teaching. They shape and mold students to become self-directed learners and critical thinkers who actively engage in learning.


K-12 Education

St. Edward Integrated School is a network of community schools inside Lancaster New City Cavite. Several St. Edward Integrated School campuses will be built near residential phases and are designed to be walkable for children and parents alike. Offering an affordable, high-performing, private Catholic School education system in an engaging environment that is conducive for learning, we’re ready and well-equipped to prepare your child for the future.

We understand that when it comes to your child’s future, education is second to none. Our schools inside Lancaster in Cavite boast of a K-12 educational program, with an extensive curriculum that prepares your child in all levels – from Kindergarten all the way to Senior High School.

Your child will have six years of primary education, four years of junior high school, and two years of senior high school. This will provide your child sufficient time to master all the concepts and skills they have learned throughout their stay in our school, as well as better prepare them for tertiary education and the future in the corporate world.

For us, your child’s experience matters just as much as how and what they learn from our carefully crafted curriculum. Through our system of progressive education, our school inside Lancaster, Cavite teach more than what the books offer. We also provide practical education that prepares your child for everyday life through extracurricular activities and events in an engaging and friendly environment.


A Strategic Location

Our schools’ locations are strategic and found within Lancaster New City Cavite’s master planned community, with the campuses being just a short walk away from nearby residential areas. This makes St. Edward Schools the practical choice for your children’s quality education; a safer place to learn that’s close to home.

Secure your child’s future with St. Edward Schools. Now with two campuses (St. Edward Integrated School and St. Edward Faith Community School) in its fourth year of operation, it will still continue to grow in number as more residents are already living inside Lancaster New City. Each child inside the master planned community will have easy access to quality, affordable education that is a few blocks away from his home.


The first campus of the St. Edward Schools (St. Edward Integrated School) boasts of numerous facilities intended for the students to have an enjoyable learning experience.

  • Audio-Visual Room
  • Computer Room
  • Home Economics Room
  • Science and Technology Laboratories
  • Speech Laboratory
  • Art Gallery
  • Kindergarten Playroom
  • Covered Court/Gym

Secure your child’s future by enrolling them at St. Edward Integrated School, today. Call us at (046) 423 5821 or send an e-mail to